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1、Design Sketch

Plastic parts lighting chassis mold Electrical system shock absorber engine motor and other components

DAHUAN electric motorcycle plastic parts partners

2、Organization of R&D center

R&D center have 52 staff;In addition,there are professional project teams and technical developers, such as mold and injection molding process experts.

Joint Development Model

Exclusive design model

3、Exclusive design model

Develop about 10 new models annually; Totally more than 100 models we developed for China & oversea markets.

4、Joint Development Model

Our company has a perfect R&D system , commit to design sketch, structural design, dies mold development, product verification ,etc. And joint-design models, provide one-stop service from design to production.

Joint Development Model

Model Display

Check out the model numbers of our models and contact our experts for a consultation if you want to know more.

Product Verification

The company has obtained 247 patents, 233 appearance patents, 14 utility patents and 1 invention patent.

Cooperating suppliers

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