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Why Choose DAHUAN

From concept to production, Dahuan offers a seamless and efficient process, enabling our clients to create electric motorcycles that excel in performance, durability, and eco-friendliness.

DAHUAN's Partners and Cases

Because we are a trusted partner with a proven track record of delivering superior products, utilizing advanced manufacturing capabilities, design expertise, and offering a seamless one-stop solution that drives your success in the electric motorcycle industry.

Why Choose DAHUAN

▸Electric Motorcycle Manufacturers: Not only provide excellent plastic spare parts, but also provide a comprehensive one-stop solution from design to production. ▸Purchasing customers: Understand specific requirements and provide tailor-made solutions to improve the performance of their electric motorcycles. ▸End user: Parts fit seamlessly into owned vehicles, avoiding any costly and time-consuming modifications.

DAHUAN electric motorcycle plastic parts partners

DAHUAN's Excellent Customization Ability

Company clay moulding master: Chen Wenhu

Chen Wenhu has been engaged in clay moulding industry for 16 years. He joined the company's "Shanghai Huanghou Design Company" in 2014. His focus and meticulousness have laid a solid foundation for our product development.

Alex Mitchell , 35

▸Occupation: Purchasing Manager at a Prominent Electric Motorcycle Manufacturing Company ▸Needs: My primary focus is on ensuring the highest quality, reliability, and environmental responsibility. I need a trusted partner like Dahuan, a brand that not only provides exceptional plastic spare parts but also offers comprehensive one- stop solutions from design to production. Time is crucial in our fast-paced industry, so efficient and timely delivery of components is essential to keep our manufacturing processes smooth and on schedule. ▸As a purchasing manager, I seek suppliers that are not just vendors but true collaborators, understanding our specific requirements and providing tailor-made solutions that enhance our electric motorcycle performance. Cost-effectiveness is also crucial, as we must strike a balance between superior quality and competitive pricing to maintain our company's profitability

Excellent manufacturing capacity and guaranteed quality

Excellent manufacturing capacity and guaranteed quality

Strong Production & Manufacturing Capabilities

The factory covers an area of 47,000 square meters, with standardized injection workshop, mold workshop, lamp processing workshop, technology research and development center and supply chain center. Complete and professional production line, own casting factory, core components are produced by ourselves, product quality is in the forefront of the industry. We are fully compliant with ISO9001:2015 quality management system, ISO14001:2015 environmental protection system and OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification. In terms of quality control, we have advanced and comprehensive testing equipment, all products are strictly tested to ensure product quality.


Q: What do we offer?

Supply guarantee: plastic parts + lamp + mold manufacturing independently

Q: What is the minimum order quantity for DAHUAN electric motorcycle parts wholesale?

This needs to be communicated and determined based on our specific motorcycle accessories products.

Q: What’s we provide ?

Independent design: plastic parts/lamps/chassis/die molds. Joint development: electric system/shock absorber/engine/motor and other components (The expenditure of new motorcycle design, mold development and testing could be borne by us according to the customer's order quantity, and the factory can give the maximum convenience and support.)

Q: Do you provide samples?

Of course, we will provide different samples and quotations according to our orders (exclusive supply/common mold).

Q: For joint venture, localized production (negotiable) solution?

To reduce cost of transportation and improve the timeliness of delivery, we could transport our facilities and produce body kits in Mexico.

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